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21 Days to Tranquility

Emma Cook
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21 days

21 Days To Tranquillity is a course designed to help reset your mindset. it takes you over a Breathing techniques each day, then a Gratitude list and then a Meditation.

Its been proven that if you focus on gratitude daily at the start of your day you will start to help your mind and brain look for the good.  This is due to your  RAS (Reticular Activating System).

Your RAS is a network of neurons located in the brain it is our attention centre in the brain. it is the key to ‘Turning on’ your brain. What we do is by practising breathing, gratitude and meditation daily your brain starts to change its focus on the negative and bad and focuses on the good and finding solution.


This is for all stages. Beginner to experienced. Children and Adults. Make it a morning family routine if you can. Now there’s a few ways you can do this – I am fully aware that not a lot of us have a lot of free time so, my recommendation is that you do 21 minutes a day doing the tasks below – preferably before your normal routine on a morning, even if it means getting up that bit earlier. I know this seems like a lot to ask of you at first but I recommend this so its new and fresh to your system and it doesn’t fall by the way side in your normal every day you have now. Also I am very aware we have kids, pets, work, partners and so much more going on so 21 minutes may be a little too long …. if you really, really can’t find time you can shorten this to 6 minutes a day, 4 minutes on the first exercise (the breathing one is the most important) 1 minute each on the other two. 

However, if you do alter the timing, ask yourself; are you doing it because you absolutely do not and cannot have that time out or are you doing it because we live in a fast world and want to do the least amount of work for the most rapid results. Either way this isn’t a test and no one will check up on this is just a “how to” help yourself and it’s not all airy fairy and meditation it’s based around the science of your mind and body how to calm it down with the breath and how to start to regain a little control in those over active minds that we all seem to have! 

These are very simple methods for helping you help you … some of them have been repeated so you can get the hang of it rather than trying too many things at once – work with it and see what fits you, try it all out at least once – then go back to your best ones when its all completed and you just need a check in sometimes! (subscribe so you can make it a playlist in your menu of your favorites)

So first off here’s some meditation ideas you can use to help you focus, especially if your house is busy you can use them on head phones; try each one as different people will resonate with different methods. I’ve added some longer ones as I’ve taken into account the fact that you will be moving between three different stages.

If you can find a “Deuter” playlist on Spotify or Apple Music he has some awesome melodies that I actually use when I work 1-2-1 with clients so pop him on if you can – he has a range of CDs so flick through to find one that works for you – pay no attention to the names of the soundtracks just click it and flick on a few then try another and just see which one settles with you. Close your eyes while you listen to see if you like it.


There is an Introduction which explains how to do all this and a downloadable PDF for if you are Offshore and have limited WIFI or if you are travelling and cant take you tech with you :).

Have fun. Email in if you have any questions.

Emma x

By Emma Cook 

Director and Founder of Purely Balanced 


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Duration 21 days
Lectures 65
Video 21 minutes
Level Beginner

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